šŸ‘‹ Hi, I'm Sofia.

Iā€™m Founder, Digital Design Director, Design Sprint Facilitator, at Digitallab.
I design products, create brands & experiences for users and business, do design workshops, and mentor startups.

Digitallab Studio
Design Lead @Digitallab. We help companies build great products, branding, doing design sprints and strategy session, having a clear process and creating awesome designs.
  • Creating breathtaking branding and corporate design
  • Redesigning Websites using modern and effective processes and tools
  • Working with Startups on Planing Designing and executing Products
More about Digitallab
Product Design & Strategy Meetup/Workshops
Small workshops to learn ( product ) design process, design, animation, and prototyping tools. I organize and give the sessions every month @WeWork Alexander Platz in Hamburg with a hands-on approach to the tools and process.
  • Workshops for designers looking to move into product design or Webdesign.
  • 2 Meetup Groups: Designers & Developers, Product Design & Design Sprint
Kawaii Illustrations
Hobby Illustrator and Wallpaper creator.
Get them here
Designers & Developers Community Hamburg
Design Community made in Hamburg, where we (me and my partners) do small workshops to learn design process, design tools and prototyping tools. One-on-one in person. With absolute passion!

Meetups & Workshops

Mentoring is one of my passions. By teaching what I know about the craft of design, I share knowledge and learn. I'm excited to have face-to-face dynamic through live workshops. You know, the classic way.

Product Innovation
Meetup all about Digital Products
Designers & Developers
Bringing Designers & Developers together
Individual Coaching
1-2 person coaching. Design Portfolio Reviews. Mentoring Designers.
Team Workshops
5-10 people Training.

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