Hey there!

I'm Sofia

I’m the founder and product designer, strategist and director of digitallab based in Hamburg, Germany. Born in Ukraine, and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. I speak fluent russian, german and english.

I like to build habit forming products, being a mentor to designers, help startups and do meetups with cool people.

I'm certified in Design Thinking and Design Sprints. So I'm a Design Sprint Facilitator and Design Thinking Practitioner.

My Career so far

I've been working with different clients and companies.
I love to work in open Environments with open minded and funny people, partner up with other startups and agencies, working together. I've been called a lot of Titles. But I like to call myself Sofia everything else should be described by acts and work.

Art Director
Product Designer
Music Lover
Medium addict
Gym Monkey
My Vision

Learn, inspire and teach

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the.....
Just kidding! I love to learn and inspire others, sharing my knowledge and expanding my view on being a human and design.


Current Workshops, Trainings & Speaking
  • Designers & Developers Portfolio Reviewer March 2019
    Reviewing Portfolios of designers, sharing tipps,...
  • Adobe Creative Jam, Speaker May 14th, 2019
    Talking about modern Design Processes and sharing my story
  • Designers Portfolio Review Hamburg Coming Soon

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